STYLE GURU BIO: Devon Hamwright

May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Devon Hamwright. I am one of the newest Style Gurus reporting from Philadelphia University. I am a junior Fashion Design student and it is truly an honor to be representing my school on this blog. My style is influenced by many different references and I love being a trendsetter among my peers. There isn’t anything I won’t try or experiment with for style.

I have chosen an outfit that represents my love of vintage style and options for mixing modern accessories. My dress is an Oscar de la Renta original from 1960 or 1970. It is well-made and also very comfortable to wear. Vintage can be an extremely challenging category of dress to pull off successfully. My advice to anyone trying to find a dress like this is to use the Poshmark app or try looking into consignment shops in higher end neighborhoods. The Poshmark app is free and connects users to consignment for all different brands.

My necklace is from the awesome Charming Charlie shop. The necklace was on sale last month for eleven dollars and I couldn’t resist. I think wearing crystal can really take your fashion game up a notch. I have really enjoyed owning this necklace since it is so versatile. All of my classmates were extremely jealous of this great fashion find. Finally, my shoes are from Payless they were 20 dollars. This dress doesn’t call for a particularly decorative shoe when there is so much print on the dress. Styling vintage can be a particular challenge without the garments looking too dated. Hopefully, my tips in this post were helpful and can help bring your style to  whole new level!