STYLE GURU BIO: Destiny Taylor

January 9th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello all, I’m Destiny Taylor! I’m currently a sophomore studying Public Relations and Theatre Design at Ball State University. This will be my first semester as a CollageFashionista Style Guru, and I’m super pumped.

All things beautiful and captivating fascinate me. Outside of school I’m a pop soul singer/songwriter, a YouTube beauty/lifestyle vlogger and a freelance makeup artist. I’m excited to add fashion blogger to my description. I meet so many diverse kids, with the sickest style, from all of the scenes I’m involved in. It is my pleasure to capture and share their unique styles of expression.

My relationship with fashion is truly bitter sweet. Growing up I was a serious tomboy who didn’t care much about how I looked or what what I wore. That all magically changed before my eyes when I made the switch from elementary school to middle school and discovered pop culture. It was then when I started experimenting with my personal style. I didn’t have much of an identity when I was a kid, and I was always viewed as the tall weird kid in the background. That is why I began to use fashion as an outlet to express what I felt inside.

Middle school was a serious turning point in my life because since then, I’ve never had to worry about being the kid in the background. Whether good or bad, people noticed me and knew who I was. I’ve changed my style up so many times that I can almost guarantee you I’ve experimented with everything there is to offer. I’ve been the edgy girl with the half shaven head and undercut, the cute girl with the bomb weave, the pin up girl with the orange hair and so much more.

I never stick to a specific style, but at this current moment in time I’m find beauty in simplicity. Recently, I’ve been piecing together basic pieces of crème, white and shades of gray. I’ve really gotten into lingerie wear in the daytime; I’m loving slip dresses and kimono style robes. Today it’s pretty cold and I’m just chilling, so I spiced up the basic T-shirt and jeans. I’m wearing an eagle jacket that was gifted from my high school’s theatre closet, a basic black boxy T-shirt, a pair of black jeans from American Eagle Outfitters and a pair of black Dr. Martens.

I cannot wait to connect with you all and share inspiration.