STYLE GURU BIO: Deserae Albanese

STYLE GURU BIO: Deserae Albanese

Hey Fashionistas, I’m Des. I’m a senior at Rutgers University studying journalism and media studies. Let me start off by saying that my style journey has been anything but smooth sailing. Pre-teen flashbacks of “what what was I thinking” come far and wide in the life story of this Style Guru. Alas, finding my niche was really a matter of finding myself, a process I am still working through one day at a time.

Since my earliest memories, fashion has always been a part of who I am. It has forever been the one interest that just stuck through the endless piano lessons and softball games of my uncoordinated youth. Putting together an outfit is the calm among the storm. That one moment of daily peace and comfort I can escape to when life is feeling endlessly stressful.

My first glint of fashion inspiration blossomed from an in interest in modeling. Sadly for me, my devastatingly unfortunate awkward phase killed that dream faster than a Black Friday sales rack at Nordstrom. Given my introverted tendencies and accompanied camera shyness, we can agree that was for the best.

Little knowledge of the industry and understanding of the endless possibilities in fashion careers led my studies astray for quite some time. Little did I know, my knack for writing would open a door to fashion that actually played to my strengths, while leading me down a path I never would’ve imagined just a few short years ago.

So here I am, in my oversized T-shirt dresses, miniskirts, and muted shades of pink and nudes. I like to find the wearable diversity in even the simplest of pieces. Just think of me as your go-to girl for your daily dose of edge. I’m a fashion addict with an obsession for black, basics, and dresses short enough for only the brave of heart.

This outfit in particular is a typical look for me. Rompers are everything, and the possibility for wearing them is endless. I’ve been gravitating towards olive green as my go-to neutral this season. A little style advice? Never be afraid to pair low cut pieces with simple accessories in order to create the potential for day-to-night transition. Just add a good heel and smoked out eyes and you’re ready for that party. Oh, and I know you’re loving these black leather boots. Comfy and fashion forward, they’re my winter favorites to finish off any outfit. The final addition of a strappy bralette and fitted jacket make me street ready for both a walk to class or night out with my friends.

From my boarding school roots, two years in the earth flatteringly cold Syracuse University, all the way to my current home of Rutgers University, all of these experience, along with my infatuation for travel ultimately shaped not only my style, but me. For me, fashion is a direct reflection of a moment in time, a time capsule of my mood, environment, and an aspect of myself that I want to share with the world. Style is a fearless expression without the need for outside validation. It’s just you in all your beautiful glory, shining with the confidence that throwing on that favorite new pair of boots is guaranteed to bring you.