STYLE GURU BIO: Denise Himes

She could make the jaws of men and women drop from a thousand miles away. Her elegant presence and classic demure drove designers to create garments specifically for her. She wore an ethereal lace empire dress with beautiful flowers designed by Hubert de Givenchy at the 1954 Academy Awards that made her stand out among the crowd. Audrey Hepburn was a fashion icon adored by many, including myself.

We are all inspirations for each other. We might not all have the same style, but we can pull and adopt details to make them our own. Our inspirations can come from the street, mass media or personal connections. Although the media has a big impact on what we wear, street style is where I, and others, draw outfit ideas and make fashion decisions.

Hepburn inspires my sweet, girly and minimal style. I like to think that less is more for every outfit. My closet is composed of 80 percent cute dresses and 20 percent shoes. Just kitten, but seriously. Although I like designer pieces, I also enjoy shopping at vintage and thrifty stores. I like to combine clothes from different eras and incorporate them into chic modern outfits. As a student I spend a lot of time at my college campus where I display my personality through my clothing.

My years in college have led me to the realization that I belong in a creative field. I am a junior at Westminster College in Salt Lake City studying communication for an aspiring future in the fashion industry. I chose to become a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista because I want to share my sense of style as well as my peers to the world of Fashionistas.