STYLE GURU BIO: Darriea Clark

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, my stylish friends! I’m Darriea Clark, a fashion journalist from Atlanta, and I am stoked to begin my internship this semester with CollegeFashionista. My love for fashion developed at a young age. Growing up, I’d binge watch America’s Next Top Model for hours and faithfully study CosmoGIRL!, Seventeen and Teen Vogue every month. As a preteen, I fell in love with the idea of working in the fashion industry and being editor-in-chief of my own magazine.

Over the years, my interests developed to include movies and storytelling. I wanted a way to bring fashion and motion picture together, so when I discovered the world of fashion films, my focus was refined. By this, I am referring to the short films used to present a designer’s collection or aesthetic. They’re like moving lookbooks, and I want to direct the themes, settings and stylings. Currently in my free time, I like dressing up my friends and directing photo shoots that mimic magazine editorials. You can actually check out some of my work at my blog, Misguided Wanderer.

Getting dressed every day is a fun venture, and I enjoy channeling my creative expressions through my clothing. I draw style inspiration from the ‘20s, ‘70s and ‘90s, and I like to refer to Teen Vogue, NYLON, CollegeFashionista or the Fashion Citizen on Youtube for style advice and insight. My style fits in the realms of vintage, bohemian and feminine with strong grunge tidbits. A few favorite pieces in my closet are my classic circle sunglasses, Free People dresses, chokers, wide-brimmed hats and trusty denim jacket. In all, comfort is a key component of my daily sartorial choices, so in the summer, my uniform can quickly change to an oversized button-down and Birkenstocks!

My favorite places to shop are consignment and thrift stores because often times, I find one-of-a-kind, attention grabbing pieces that can instantly make any outfit funky and cool. I’ve recently taken a special interest in reconstructing my thrift finds into crafty DIY projects. Being a fashion reporter, I enjoy staying up-to-date with the trends, but that’s not to say I hop onto every one that appears on catwalks. I like to use trends to adorn my personal style, rather than letting them wear me. That is the one thing I’ll never lose touch of—staying true to myself.

I am so excited for summer: the concerts, hiking trips, baseball games, ice cream and all of the eclectic and exciting fashions from Atlanta’s trendy and hip scene. Be sure to come back each Tuesday for a glimpse of some phenomenal fashion picks curated by yours truly!