STYLE GURU BIO: Danthea Redwood

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! I’m Danthea Redwood, although many call me Dawn, and I’ll be bringing you the scoop on all things fashion related this summer semester. I’m currently starting my second year at Lorain County Community College, where I’ll be receiving my Associate of Arts degree and then transferring to another university and further studying journalism and public relations.

Although it sounds very cliche, I’ve always had an interest in fashion. I remember wanting to be a fashion designer when I was seven years old! Even though my goals have changed, fashion will always be near and dear to my heart.

I currently work in the marketing office at my school and help out at the school’s newspaper whenever I can. Now I know that most people don’t imagine community college as a place to get caught up on style, but there are some really trendy people here! In the future, I plan to work in the fashion industry of public relations, but until then I’m stoked to be a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista!

As for my style, you’ll almost always find me inside a Forever 21. That store encompasses my entire being and has (cheap) clothes for every type of style. My go-to pieces for the summer is a simple romper or a two-piece outfit. I love the simplicity in outfits that are basically already complete with just one or two pieces, especially for the summer, they’re so simple and still look so trendy.

With all that being said, I can’t wait to have a #RAD semester with all of Style Gurus out there!