Back at it again with the STYLE GURU BIOS!

If you don’t know me already, my name is Dana Cai. I recently completed my sophomore year at Rutgers University, where I study accounting and mathematics. Sounds boring, right? Maybe to some people, but I love it. Although, I do admit—CollegeFashionista is my creative outlet during the school year. That’s what I love about this internship! I get the opportunity to learn about people’s styles (and themselves), understand more about clothes and improve my photography skills. This summer, I am incredibly excited to do all three in Philadelphia!

Yeah, New York is great and all, but Philly is home (disclaimer: I live in the suburban area.) I am ecstatic to be interning there through the Institute of Contemporary Art and to explore new areas of the city I love through day trips with friends. Since I will be around the University of Pennsylvania, I am curious to see how its campus style compares with Rutgers’, and I wonder if it will have any influences on my style.

I have been super into sneakers this season. Check out the suede ones I’m wearing here! Sneakers are just much easier to wear during rainy days and much more comfortable to wear when I’m out for a long time. The athleisure trend has been growing on me; it’s effortless, comfortable, sleek and chic. Yeezy’s (even if they’re fake) are on my wishlist this summer.

A loose T-shirt is another summer staple of mine. It’s important to let your body breathe (especially in the pit area). Solid T-shirts are great for pairing with different bottoms. You can tuck them into jeans as I did, or you can pair them with printed shorts and flowy skirts. They’re so versatile. Lastly, I try to keep my makeup simple in the summer—light eyeshadow, mascara and, of course, foundation with SPF. Protecting your skin is a must, especially if you know you will be out in the sun for a long time. Personally, I love Shiseido Sheer and Perfect formula. It is on the pricier side, so L’oreal’s True Match foundation is a more affordable yet quality alternative.

No matter what your plans are, these three pieces are musts. Now go out and enjoy the sunshine, but no shame in staying in to catch up on all your shows. Either way, summer is here, and I hope you enjoy it!