STYLE GURU BIO: Daisy Calderon

As a kid, I was once asked what words I would use to describe myself. In that moment, I didn’t know what to say. I was the baby in my family of three sisters, and I grew up in a strict household with many rules. Yet, I couldn’t figure out an answer to that question. Who was I? It wasn’t until I moved to Philadelphia to attend Temple University that I truly started to find myself.

Growing up in a big city, the pressure to stand out was always overtaking my life. It was easy to get lost in the giant herds of people, and one of the things I utilized to differentiate myself from the crowds was my fashion sense. I’m from Chicago, so the biggest task I faced was staying trendy while managing not to freeze to death. I learned how to play with layering and use different kinds of fabrics to add volume to my looks. While I spent my winters in the Windy City, I learned that vests were my favorite way to stay warm and fashionable.

To this day, I still struggle with identifying my style as one specific type. All of the components in my life play into how I dress, and I am a firm believer that my outfits reflect my mood. If I want to lay low, I stick to darker colors and solid patterns. If I want to make a statement, I lean toward trendier pieces, like flashy prints or chunky accessories, to catch more attention. I think my style is extremely fluid, and is a great way to showcase my personality on a day to day basis.

My go-to outfit usually consists of a pair of black leggings, a leather jacket and some sort of jewelry, like a necklace or some rings, to bring my outfit to life. I’m obsessed with matte lipsticks; NYX’s shade called Siren is my personal favorite. I think small touches make the biggest differences, and can take an outfit to the next level.