STYLE GURU BIO: Cyan Athena Estevez

May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello my fellow fashion enthusiasts!

My name is Cyan Athena Estevez and this is my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I’m currently a double major in Textiles, Apparel & Design and English at Queens College-CUNY.

Perhaps it’s cliché for me to start with the infamous line, “Ever since I was a child I was…” but the words couldn’t ring any truer. According to my mom, I started drawing at the age of three and as far as my memories allow me to recollect, I’ve been in a committed relationship with my creative endeavors ever since. I’ve manifested my imagination into art, writing (with hopes of one day publishing my first novel once I’m healed from writer’s block) and other varying passions, such as freelance makeup. To be able to create something that originally started off as an idea so miniscule, a thought that probably flitted through my mind as I was washing dishes or listening to music, is my outlet in life.

I went to a specialized art high school and chose Fashion Design as my major. My grandmother is the special woman who inspired this choice. Her strong demeanor and independent nature is as astounding as her classic style. I continued on to college and combined my two loves of fashion and writing. Being a half Dominican and Filipino hybrid, born and raised in New York City, surrounded by so many equally eclectic people and visual wonders, has taught me to be unapologetic with my originality. One of my long-term goals is to write for fashion editorials and possibly become an editor-in-chief of my own magazine or writing venture.

As for my personal style, I’m a big advocate for minimalist pieces with a neutral color palette. Dependent on my mood, I also love to add bold accessories that may seem wacky or unconventional, or draw focus to one statement clothing item.

For my first look, I kept things simple with high-waisted jeans and a cropped long sleeve shirt. I love to play with proportions to accentuate my shape and petite height. A pair of chunky lace-up sandals provides comfort and exudes a subtle dressy vibe. If the sun hits your eyes, swap a pair of shades for a floppy camel toned fedora. For the last few touches, I opted for a golden watch with a striking sapphire face and two matching beaded bracelets with small golden skulls; a hint of edginess that corresponds with the studded olive satchel.

If you’re reading this, it’s because we share an infatuation for creativity. The same way I’m fascinated by all of your lovely styles as you go about your daily routines, clad in a concoction of garments that represent who you are, is the same way I hope to inspire you with my articles. To be unique through whatever makes you happy is beautiful and as we embark on this documentation of style together, I want to continually express the breathtaking wonder that is our individuality.