STYLE GURU BIO: Cristina Espinosa

Hello lovely people! My name is Cristina Espinosa and I am currently a junior at Monmouth University. I am studying communication with a concentration in public relations and journalism. This is going to be my third semester as a Style Guru and I couldn’t be happier. As the semesters have gone on, I love being part of the #GuruGang more and more! Being a Style Guru has helped me realize how much I actually love fashion and beauty. I think fashion is such a fun way to express yourself, especially since it changes daily with your mood.

Last semester I was fortunate enough to study abroad in London. It was the best experience of my life and I honestly just wish I could just go back right now. Even though returning to school in America is really bittersweet, I am really glad I was able to see the people that live in London. Not only did my semester abroad give me the traveling bug, it has given me a new passion for style. I have been introduced to many different brands that I hadn’t heard of before. I’ve seen so many different types of people with so many different styles. I feel like my style has evolved from my time abroad.

My outfit here is heavily influenced by London street style. I am wearing my black and white shearling aviator coat. This has to be my favorite coat I’ve ever owned because it is just so perfect for winter. It is so soft and so warm, it’s like wearing the fluffiest blanket you could find. I paired it with a simple black shirt underneath the jacket and some skinny jeans. My sneakers are also a favorite of mine because of the style and the light tan color with a touch of pink. I cannot get enough of the sneaker trend. Any time I get to wear sneakers I am happy.

My personal style is normally pretty casual, but I think it’s starting to evolve. Being a Style Guru has opened my eyes up to an even broader spectrum of possibilities for how far fashion can go. I truly appreciate all that CollegeFashionista has shown me and I can’t wait for another semester of great fashion!