STYLE GURU BIO: Courtney King

January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello there Fashionistas! My name is Courtney King, a sophomore at Loyola University Maryland studying marketing. I am the second oldest of five girls; growing up I was definitely the most adventurous with my style. My older sister went for the tomboy look, wearing boys’ clothes, refusing to wear dresses and throwing a fit when we had to go shopping. I thought it was so unfair that she always got new clothes while I ended up with her hand-me-downs that she carelessly picked out; the clothes didn’t even sparkle! Eventually, my mom caved in to my incessant nagging and took me on seasonal shopping trips, which I would plan for by scrolling through stores’ websites and various magazines. Although I always liked having the latest style or brand name that my friends were wearing, I mostly stuck to the pieces that excited me and made me feel stylish and good about myself, whether or not there was a moose on it.

Now, I don’t just look for inspiration before a seasonal shopping trip, I discover new things in fashion everyday by following my favorite stores, designers and models on social media. I also read Harper’s Bazaar‘s latest articles and see what my friends and classmates are wearing. My campus is full of people with so many different backgrounds and interests, and I love to see how those factors influence their style.

People express themselves in many different ways; to me, the greatest form of personal expression is your style. What you put on your body, not for others but to present yourself to others, can tell people many different things about you: your favorite color, the mood that you’re in or even the activities that you’re interested in. I’m all about a versatile wardrobe full of classic pieces and neutrals. Like many other Fashionistas, I shop on a budget and want to get the most out of a sweater or heel as I can. Don’t get me wrong I love a bold vest that wows the crowd, but I like making my wardrobe feel larger than it is by having the ability to style my clothing in many ways.

I go to the gym every day with my roommates so athletic wear is also a big part of my personal style. The movie, Back to the Future, wasn’t exactly right about everything that would happen in 2015, but they did correctly predict that people would wear athleisure. lululemon has become one of the biggest brands in the past couple of years, not because everyone has become yogis and runners, but because they have made comfort fashionable. You can put on a pair of leggings and a wrap and still feel put together.

I couldn’t be more excited to share my style, and especially the style of my campus. I also can’t wait to further explore and be inspired by all you Fashionistas. Let’s ring in the new year with fabulous prints and expressive outfits that are true to you.