Whenever I walk into a situation in which I need to wear a name tag, I feel that this is the most accurate introduction I can possibly come up with: “Hi, my name is Corri, and I like the color black.” You might say, “Everyone likes wearing black, what’s the big deal?” I am here to tell you that my love for this statement color goes deeper. My closet is seriously all black. In fact, when I am wearing any other color, people will often ask me “What’s wrong?” The answer is usually that I was forced into wearing whatever god awful shade of orange or red that I’m sporting, but I could just be having an off day.

Despite my love for dark colors in my closet, I’m a big mush. I cry during commercials, movies, TV shows and even when I see old couples holding hands. I can talk about romance for hours, and I will do so if you give me the chance. I love to write– for me, it is so much easier than talking. Ask me to speak about my favorite kind of romance? Nope. Ask me to write about it? I’ll have that novel-length explanation on your desk in the morning.

I’m tall, and as such, do not wear heels unless I have to. However, I still like the idea of getting a little bit of a lift from my shoes, so I have fallen in love with booties. I have been wearing these little black booties from American Eagle Outfitters pretty much every day, and I have no regrets. I love skinny jeans (flared jeans make my legs look weird so don’t judge me) and combat-style boots.

I love music, and singing is my favorite activity. I will sing along to the radio, the TV, along with my iPod in the shower and will even bust out some Broadway tunes. I will sing my grocery lists and homework equations, and might even sing at you condescendingly if I feel like you aren’t paying attention.

That’s all for me, I’m looking forward to being a Style Guru this summer!