STYLE GURU BIO: Corinne McGovern

Hey Fashionistas/os, you have come across my second STYLE GURU BIO. So I guess I’ll start off with the basics. My name is Corinne McGovern and I am going into my second year at Marist College studying fashion merchandising. I am beyond thrilled to be back for an exciting summer with CollegeFashionista!

When asked what I’m passionate about, two things come to mind: fashion and adventure. Fashion is available for each of us to explore. In the words of Ralph Lauren, “Fashion is not about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” There is no better time than your college years to find that something within you. Of course, to find that you’ll need to take a couple of daring chances.

Marist College has a quiet and unique environment when it comes to campus fashion. There is a wide array of personalities and enough styles to match. To me, it is a wonderland where inspiration is found around every corner. The best part of it all is that students are free to discover new trends and express themselves.

My advice to all Fashionista/os is to take a step back and look around you. Inspiration is everywhere and it is time to get exploring. Wing that eyeliner, wear a bright pair of patterned pants, rock a bold lip color and don’t be afraid to be a little weird.