STYLE GURU BIO: Cooper Warner

Hey party people,

My name is Cooper Warner and I am from Iowa. To clear up your initial questions: 1) Yes, Cooper can be a girl name. 2) There are actually things in Iowa besides cows and corn!

I am a freshman at Drake University studying magazine journalism and pre-law. I intend to be the best-dressed defense lawyer someday.

My Style Guru page is dedicated to all the beauty and whimsy I find around me. My adage is “curating a beautiful life,” and that’s exactly what I intend to do as a Style Guru.

Fashion for me has always been a functional way of displaying who I am to the world. You can catch me in black and neutral tones, some kick ass boots and with my signature nose ring. I’m all about being a strong woman and stomping on my haters; my military-esque Dr. Martens do just the trick.

I like to play with feminine and masculine looks, leather and lace, or camo and heels. My laid back personality reflects my comfortable style; easy layers and signature pieces complete my look.

I never considered myself much of a Fashionista, but rather an artist who notices beauty in other people and things. My Instagram houses my favorite art pieces and all my photographs from my business. I think part of creating a great signature style is seeing the beauty in others.

I am excited for you all too come along with me as I continue developing my personal style and my art. My hope is to inspire others and myself with some flossy outfits, accessories and photos.