STYLE GURU BIO: Colleen Boyle

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

My name is Colleen Boyle and I’m a Professional Communications major going into my junior year at Philadelphia University. PhilaU is known for its fashion, and although I loved clothing even before enrolling, being on campus here has definitely improved my sense of style. This past year, I began taking classes for my Fashion Industry Management minor and have loved learning more about the textiles and fabrics that go into my favorite pieces of clothing.

Growing up in a house of all girls, I love anything feminine. Dresses and skirts make up a huge part of my wardrobe, as well as flowy tops and lacy details. Even in the summer, I’m a sucker for lots of layers. I love how layering can allow for some unexpected details, like a halter bralette, to show and add some interest to any outfit. Of course, living in Philadelphia has inspired the incorporation of some more urban pieces into my wardrobe, including a more monochromatic color scheme and a focus on minimalism. I love my go-to basics for being easy to work with and build outfits around.

I have always loved writing and photography, so it’s no surprise that I love blogging. After creating a fashion blog of my own, I scored an internship last summer writing a blog for a publishing group in my hometown, and ended up writing an article for one of their magazines and having my photography featured in several issues. That experience only added to my enthusiasm for blogging, and being able to combine that passion with my love of clothing here at CollegeFashionista is incredible.

I’m excited to showcase some more of my favorite summer looks as well as find other stylish students on campus to feature. Living on a design-oriented campus in one of the most stylish cities I know will definitely serve as some great inspiration. I can’t wait for a summer centered on fashion and exploration.