What’s up Fashionista/os! My name is Colie Katz and I am a Junior at Syracuse University, majoring in Child and Family Studies. I am so psyched to be interning as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista this spring! Although most of my friends will be abroad this semester, I’ll be at ‘Cuse on the lookout for all of you trendsetters!

Growing up, I was always a tomboy. Playing sports or video games with the boys always sounded better than playing House or dressing up Barbie Dolls. My mom had to drag me to clothing stores to try on clothes because I never truly cared what I wore or what I looked like, as long as I was comfy. This all changed when I got to college and my fashion style took a 180. During the day I live in the color black, beanies, oversized sunnies, sneaker wedges (because I’m 4’10 and you know I need the height), ripped jeans, pullovers and graphic T-shirts. If you don’t see me in a beanie during the day, it’s for a very serious reason. At night when I go out with my friends, you will probably see me wearing trendy shorts paired with sheer tights, heels, a matching top and a leather jacket. I definitely dress comfy chic during the day, but when I go out I am no longer that little tomboy I once was. One piece of advice I want to stress to all of my readers is no matter what you decide to wear and no matter what style you rock, make sure you are always comfortable, confident and don’t forget to dress for yourself not others.

My outfit is the perfect example of comfy chic. I put on my favorite pair of ripped jeans by Blank, my VINCE slip on sneakers, my go-to black beanie that has a touch of fur for whimsy, my Ray-Ban sunnies and a flannel/pullover combined into one. This outfit completely screams my name. When I put on a pair of jeans, I always love cutting a small slit on the insides so it’s not as tight and bunchy on the bottom. Bottom line is I keep it simple yet very on trend, because to be fashionable doesn’t always mean MORE.

I cannot wait to share my opinions on fashion trends this semester and I want to thank CollegeFashionista for giving me this great opportunity!