STYLE GURU BIO: Claudia Dayani

January 5th, 2016 at 2:10am

Growing up, my mother and I were steadfast partners in crime, embarking on shopping adventures together almost every weekend. Though it initially wasn’t my choice to be her designated wingman, her love for all things trendy shaped me into the crazed, fashion-obsessed girl I am today.

It seems as though expressing a love for fashion is protocol at some point in every girl’s life, but so few develop the burning desire to pursue an actual career in the industry like I did. It was in my early adolescence where I realized that my fetish was far more than blasé.

Following the release of The Devil Wears Prada (cliché- I know), I came to the realization that there was no job I wanted more than that of the protagonist Andy, a journalist who obtained a job working for the most renown fashion magazine under the shackles of an Anna Wintour-like a megalomaniac.

Because my one true aspiration in becoming a fashion journalist knows no bounds, I’ll have no qualms against fetching Starbucks if it means I’m one step closer in immersing myself into the idealistic life I’ve envisioned for myself since I was a kid. I hope to one day be the girl who takes casual trips across the globe, sitting front row at every eclectic show while witnessing my fav high fashion models effortlessly strut down the runway in the intricately designed pieces of art we call clothing.

If I’m not daydreaming about my future career, I’m most likely sipping on a soy latte, reblogging things on Tumblr that are representative of my personal style and aesthetic. My color pallets are quite minimal as I mostly choose to wear skin-toned pastels or grays, blacks and whites. Though I’m a Californian born and raised, it’s safe to say I have a very East Coast vibe, both in style and attitude. My go-to outfit would be a crop top, ripped jeans, booties, a long statement coat and a pair of designer sunglasses. Three things you’ll never see me in are sweats, sneakers or leggings, at least not in this lifetime!

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