STYLE GURU BIO: Claire Larkins

Hello Fashionistas/os! I’m excited to say that this is my fourth semester writing for CollegeFashionista! Currently, I’m a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Graphic Design, Art History and dabbling in a bit of Web Design.

Madison is a great place to go to college with a wide variety of students. Known as a huge school for Division One sports, the UW is much more than basketball and football games. There are annual fashion show events which are put on by students, gallery openings featuring art majors’ work and various other activities put on by the student body. This semester, I’m looking forward to documenting these events for CollegeFashionista articles, as well as finding creative, fashionable students to showcase for my weekly posts.

My personal style has really transformed during my time at Madison. I remember the days of being obsessed with pairing jean skirts with black leggings, as well as collecting oversized collegiate sweatshirts. Obviously by the time I went to college, the early 2000s were over and trends had changed, but my style completely flipped upside down. I was more attracted to a completely black and white wardrobe, and I rarely wore any color. I realized that dressing in colors that were simple and neutral really made getting dressed in the morning much easier.

I gravitate towards blacks, whites and neutrals. Rather than experimenting with various colors, I like to work with different fabrics and silhouettes. I love a new leather handbag and the feel of putting on a pair of skinny jeans. While walking to class, you almost always can spot me with my oversized tote, black and gold booties and a blanket scarf.

I’m ecstatic to be working with CollegeFashionista for another semester and I can’t wait to bring you all great fashion articles each week!