STYLE GURU BIO: Cindy Suzuki

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

Hi there, Fashionistas/os! My name is Cindy Suzuki, and I’m an upcoming senior at University of California, Davis, where I am studying Communication, Textiles and Clothing and Professional Writing. I’m a self-proclaimed fashion aficionado—living and breathing all things fashion. I’ll even remember what I’m wearing in my dreams. I’m highly detail-oriented with any task I take on, which is why I’m keen on visual aesthetics and presentation. Accordingly, my ideal future is that of Jenna Rink’s in 13 Going on 30: to write, style and photograph for a prominent fashion magazine.

My friends often say I “dress up” every day on campus, but I’d like to think differently. For me, I revel in the opportunity to create new looks. Consider how we use language—we create sentences using the same repertoire of words but always manage to create new, unique sentences, never uttering the same sentence twice (unless it’s a traditional phrase). This is how I look to my wardrobe: I have an abundance of clothing, and yet I challenge myself to never create the same look twice. Mixing around different garments and accessories is key to curating something new each time, even if the difference is subtle.

In essence, this outfit highlights my favorite go-to pieces: flatforms, my River Island fedora and my Silence & Noise gingham midi skirt. The reason I’m drawn to these three items? They’re all timeless. I try to avoid purchasing things in fast-fashion, as I end up wearing items of this nature only a few times. In addition, flatforms/plaftorms are my favorite pair of shoes to wear. Even though I own almost 50 pairs of shoes, I’m usually wearing these on a daily basis for their ease in mobility and fashion-forward style. Plus, when you’re shorter, a little added height never hurt anyone.

I’m thrilled to share my style story with CollegeFashionista this summer, as I truly believe I have an eclectic taste in fashion. One day, I’ll exude minimalistic chic and then the next, sophisticated streetwear. This, in and of itself, highlights fashion’s use as a medium for expressing creativity and empowerment.

This is my story—what’s yours? Keep your eyes out for me this summer, you may just be featured in my next article!