STYLE GURU BIO: Cindy Kabiru

January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi there, Fashionista/os! My name is Cindy and I’m a junior studying journalism and web design at the University of Florida, which is located in the heartland of the sunshine state. I believe a trip to the seaside can put a smile on any face and that a handwritten letter is the surest way to show someone you care. I also believe that dressing up in one’s favorite outfit is the fastest way to cure the Monday blues.

My love affair with fashion began when I was a young girl growing up in Kenya. My mum used to sell clothes in the local market, so I would often find myself rummaging through her wares. Needless to say, I was exposed to a myriad of fabrics and styles from around the world. My international upbringing manifested itself in the way I dressed and presented myself to the world. What started off as a curious habit of carrying two handbags as a young girl evolved into my current obsession with Loeffler Randall’s junior work tote. My personal style is constantly evolving but my distinct upbringing continues to influence my fashion choices.

Currently, my style is somewhere in between J.Crew and Free People. While I relish a classic peacoat and dainty gold jewels, I’m also drawn to boho-chic dresses. As eclectic as my tastes are, my UF peers match and (more often than not) exceed my penchant for noteworthy apparel. Coupled with our generation’s inclination to share (nearly) everything on social media, fashion trends spread like wildfire among millennials. Herein lies the power of capturing and sharing street style. The trends that are so beautifully represented on the catwalk all begin with the stylish people we pass by everyday. Our friends, roommates and classmates are the trendsetters in the growing street style movement. In the midst of all the online street style chatter, I find college students to be the true arbiters of style. After all, the brightest of ideas are cultivated on college campuses.

CollegeFashionista is a real source of inspiration and style for college students worldwide and I am excited to contribute to its engaging content! Armed with my Nikon DSLR and laced in my trusty Converse All-Stars, I’ll be capturing campus style at UF this spring semester. As a Style Guru, I hope to share interesting and relevant content that resonates with you. So, tastemakers, movers and shakers look out because I’ll be looking for you!