STYLE GURU Bio: Cindy De La Cruz

Hey y’all, my name is Cindy De La Cruz. I will be a senior at California State University San Bernardino and this will be my second semester as a Style Guru intern for CollegeFashionista. I’m majoring in marketing, a member of American Marketing Association, making me a sales associate and I plan on working within the fashion industry once I graduate next spring. I really enjoy anything that has to do with fashion, styling people or taking pictures. I already do that on a daily basis. Therefore, I am really excited to show you Fashionistas/os findings from my college campus and, most importantly, the latest fashion trends.

When I’m not working, studying or doing things that are related to my career, I’m usually going on adventures with friends or family. I enjoy going to places where I’ve never been to or doing things I’ve never done. I love trying out new things! I’m always up to something, whether if it’s going snowboarding during the winter, going hiking during the summer, wake boarding or going to concerts. I’m really considering surfing this summer. You’ll usually always see me with my camera on hand and taking pictures of all of these cool adventures I go on.

What is my style mostly like? Honestly, my style ranges depending where I’m going. For example, if I’m going to a country concert then, of course, I’ll wear some daisy dukes with a cute dress, or a tank top and shorts. Did I say country concert? Haha, yes, I am into country music; I love it! Most people don’t think I listen to country based off my style but yes, I love it. After going to Stagecoach Festival this year, I actually fell more in love with it so I’m considering changing up my style a bit more. Most of the time you will normally always see me wearing all-black, white and olive green with some neutrals. My style is mostly urban, with a bit of class. The way you dress most of the time represents who you are with out having to speak, therefore I like to present myself as a person with some type of class yet I’m not afraid to switch it up if I have to. That’s what I love about fashion. You can put your own style together and add anything to it. There are no rules!

So I hope all you Fashionistas/os are just as excited for this semester. Here’s to a great summer and semester! Let’s have a RAD summer!