STYLE GURU BIO: Chyna Overby

Hello Fashionistas/os! I’m Chyna Overby, a freshman over at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Go rebels! With a major in philosophy, holding a concentration in law and justice, many assume that my distant future of brief cases and piles of research papers to be done has no room for fashion, however I’m on my way to prove them wrong. Everyone has heard of attorneys in blazers and tailored suites, yet an attorney who has the time to progress in her love of fashion? That will definitely be me.

I’ve written for urban culture websites and fashion blogs in the past, however taking on a role of showcasing my outfits and style taste, to frequent readers of a highly competent website is an all new adventure for me that I’m overly excited for the chance to achieve! With the guidance, confidence and influence that CollegeFashionista has already held over me, I’m on a mission to bring the best of my talents in the writing and fashion department.

I would say that my love for fashion stems off from my grandmother who has dressed me up in the clothing found at Lord and Taylor or Bloomingdale’s ever since I was a newborn. When someone regularly carries out quick mall trips and buys an item that they believe would look good on you, it’s impossible to not fall into a world where you can express yourself through the items that you wear. However, kids my age weren’t wearing Burberry or Banana Republic, which started the awkward phase of finding out what my taste in fashion truly was. Or if I even cared about what kind of clothes I wore in the first place.

I must admit, looking back on those daunting times, I’ve never cringed so hard in my life. From arguing if Hollister Co. or Abercrombie & Fitch is better, to begging my mom that I’m old enough for Forever 21, I’ve been there before. Yet by sophomore year of high school, after being exposed to several different fashion aesthetics and several different seasons of Gossip Girl, I finally found who I am. I certainly care about my outfit of the day. I’ll gladly tell you where a piece of my outfit is from. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I make an online purchase. I work hard to save up to take trips to Barney’s or Bloomingdale’s. I find sheer happiness in expanding my closet!

Though I find myself to be versatile, if it came down to sticking me in one strict category, I would call my style glamorous. Regular college students most likely care about the next frat party, not their next purchase at Fendi. However I also enjoy odd pieces that may stand out like the Hipstapatch seen on my basic light weight bomber, or my wayfarer styled sunglasses!

It’ll be a rocky journey full of trial and error, nonetheless the opportunity of standing as a Style Guru is more than anything that I can ask for!

Until the next post!