STYLE GURU BIO: Christy Pagoni

Hello! My name is Christy Pagoni and I am a senior, representing Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. I am looking forward to an exciting and productive summer writing for CollegeFashionista and having the opportunity to finally write about something FUN, other than classic literature and story analysis! That being said I will be graduating with a degree in Editing, Writing and Media, as well as a minor in Communications come August.

Fashion became a new passion of mine once I moved away for college. As much as I always loved to shop, fashion was never a big deal. My whole life I have been trained as a competitive dancer (yeah, Dance Moms fans, that was me), so tights and leotards were as good as it was going to get for the most part. However, makeup and beauty were always an interest of mine; growing up with false lashes, rhinestones and glitter spray, I am pretty sure I have red lipstick inked to my lips at this point. My mom was the head makeup designer for all of my dance company’s crazy themes and “out of the box” ideas, so it is safe to say…I enjoy makeup.

However, once I finally moved away, I realized that tights and leotards probably weren’t going to cut it like it like they used to, and no one wants to see how many dance T-shirts I have, so it was time to shop! After my first freshman semester, I got a job at the restaurant across the street from the mall and from there, I was hooked. The best way to describe my shopaholic hobby is that I am that girl who is patiently waiting in the Starbucks line as the store gates begin to unlock and open. Once I arrive to the store, I grab a bag/cart/basket and make my way to a rack where I set off to look at every single article of clothing in the entire store. There’s no one to bother me, no one to talk me out of whatever it is I may want and no one to rush me if I want to take 30 minutes in the fitting room.

I was able to land an internship of my dreams come sophomore year, working for a local designer who hosts Tallahassee’s annual Fashion Week benefiting American Cancer Society. Starting as an administrative assistant, I eventually rose to become the head events director and coordinator for the latest Fashion Week just months ago. I also run and operate my own beauty and fashion blog,

Some last minute fun facts about myself: my favorite color is yellow, my outfit of choice is black, I love black tea, I am obsessed with my cat Rupert, I am a Pinterest addict and holiday enthusiast, and I am currently training for the Disneyland Avenger’s half marathon in November (ugh).

You will always find me in black 90 percent of the time and paired something eye catching like a floral kimono, wedges or fun accessories.