Hello Fashionistas, welcome back! For those of you who are new, my name is Christy and I am a returning Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. This will be my third semester as a Style Guru, but no worries, my fashion sense is always changing so I constantly strive to bring you new and exciting styles from the streets of UCLA. 

As a graduating communication studies major at the University of California, Los Angeles, I have found a love for writing and connecting with others within a community. As a Style Guru, not only am I able to express my passion towards fashion, I am also able to reach out and tell you guys about everything I see and adore around campus. I recently returned from a semester in the Netherlands so there is no doubt being surrounded by European culture has altered my style.

I have been talking about fashion and style a lot, so it is only fair for me to divulge a little about my personal style. To me, an outfit is an extension of one’s personality. What you wear says a lot about who you are and how you feel, so every day I ask myself: who is the Christy you want the world to know today? Each outfit reveals different details about yourself, but in the end, I am always searching for the optimal balance between fashionable and comfortable.

High heels are stunning and often an immediate boost to my self-esteem. Unfortunately, they are not the most comfortable around the hills of Westwood, so I often opt for low heeled booties instead. Today, I am wearing a pair of black cuffed booties. A standard pair of black booties are a must, they are super easy to match and comfortable for the walk to class or work. I paired these shoes with a classic black and white outfit for a sleek, pulled together look. I am wearing a pair of patterned, fabric pants that protects me from the wind but allow ample mobility. On top of that is a cropped sleeveless top, the solid color is calming against the pants but the fabric’s texture creates subtle detailing. Black and white is often a go-to in creating an outfit, but it can be beneficial to feature some color here and there. Bold and colorful accessories can elevate an outfit from being safe to eye-catching. Here, I used a geometric statement necklace to match the theme of patterns while adding the pop this outfit needed.

As Michael Kors once said, “accessories are the exclamation point of a women’s outfit.” So accessorize! Express through accessories and show me all the #RAD styles you have. Follow me here for more posts to come, or find me on the social media linked in my profile! I can’t wait to have an amazing semester with all you Fashionistas.