STYLE GURU BIO: Christine Platt

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Christine Platt and I’m currently an Art major with an emphasis of Studio Art/Photography at San Francisco State. A little about what has drawn me to participate in an internship like such, is that my photography revolves around photographing fashion. I have a very adventurous and evolving fashion sense when it comes to styling a model on a photo-shoot. Remove the camera from my hands and I like to stick to the hottest trends or every so often try to pull something off that I wouldn’t normally do, but my photo-shoot would.

Here in San Francisco everyone has their own type of look and that’s one of the things I love most about living here. You can walk out your door and continue to your everyday activities and never worry about being judged for what you are wearing. I mean you may, but the odds of someone wearing something more unique than you could be infinite.

For the first day back to school I am wearing something that makes me feel comfortable yet trendy. That is my absolute go-to. My first pair of boyfriend jeans came to me unexpectedly from, who knew, Abercrombie and Fitch about four years ago. Before they were the fitted type, and now over the years they’ve become the perfect boyfriend jeans. The top I am wearing is from Brandy Melville and it’s the perfect oversized top that is paired with an edgy bralette from LF. Accessory wise, my necklace is originally my great grandma’s and has been passed down to from my mother to now me. Very vintage of me right? My shoes happen to be from H&M and are the perfect mix of sandals and booties.

Stay tuned. I’m excited for you guys to see my progress as a fashion photographer and now as a fashion blogger!