STYLE GURU BIO: Christine Butchko

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Greetings Fashionistas/os. Mucho gusto, me llamo Christine. (Actually to be perfectly honest, I don’t speak Spanish. But I heard it in a song once and liked it so much I decided to roll with it). I’m a rising junior at Villanova University with a Political Science major with a double minor in Marketing and Business Administration (and maybe a minor in French, but we’ll see). This is my first season writing for College Fashionista and I’m beyond elated.

I’ve always loved dressing myself. According to my mother, I was about two when I demanded to pick out my own clothing. But dressing myself as a child was anything but flawless and I made quite a few fashion faux paux growing up (see: the Great Blue Floral Skirt and Black and White Striped Shirt Debacle of ’04). Luckily, during high school, with the help of my many very stylish, future Fashion Merchandising major friends, I have learned to match and somehow look human on a daily basis. With this newfound knowledge, and 13 years expertise of donning a uniform, I went to college eager to experiment and come into my own style. However, I discovered, as many of my fellow “Nationers” are aware that Villanova has its own “uniform.” I found myself spending much of my freshman year seeking to emulate it (the Bean Boots in my closet attest to this).

But now, as a rising junior, I’m much older and maybe somewhat wiser. I really want to break the mold. There’s an inner flower child somewhere inside of me that wants her style to be seen. Luckily this summer, I’ll be able to really explore it in my ever-growing hipster-y hometown and the New York City where I’ll be interning three times a week. Though, I’m a self-proclaimed boho enthusiast, my style seems to be getting edgier with a bit of artistic flair. Recently, I’ve been really into tying button-downs to polish off any look. I also have a weird thing for sneakers, this top from Free People (it goes with everything) and fun and crazy patterned shorts.

I cannot wait to see how my style evolves this summer, and how it will continue to grow as I face the subway, the people on the subway and the streets of Mo-town. Till next time!