STYLE GURU BIO: Christina Theodoroff

January 7th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello, guys and gals! My name is Christina Theodoroff and I am a senior at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota majoring in Marketing. I am so thrilled that this Style Guru fashion internship gets to be incorporated into my final semester and into my college experience.

Growing up in the Midwest I have been forced to learn how to layer and bundle up to keep warm, while maintaining a stylish ensemble. Piecing together cozy cardigans with blouses or throwing on a chunky scarf and boots seems to be my go-to outfit during the cold winter months. In terms of my style, I would consider it to be classic and feminine with hints of grunge; leather jackets are my weakness. My closet is filled with floral prints, stripes and neutral colors, always pulled together with a different shade of lipstick. Oh and I love polka-dots!

This past summer I was blessed with the opportunity to study fashion marketing and merchandising in Florence, Italy. During this time spent abroad I was inspired by the vibrant colors of the buildings, the chic Italian men and women frequenting the cobblestone streets, and the historic architecture. Being in one of the fashion capitals of the world gave me a new sense of confidence. I found that once I returned home from Italy, I was not afraid to try out more daring fashion trends and items.

If I am not in class, studying or paging through fashion magazines you will most likely find me behind the lens of my camera (my favorite accessory). What started out as a hobby years ago has since turned into a career when I began taking senior and wedding portraits. It is a dream of mine to one day see my work on the pages of Vogue magazine. Being a Style Guru will be the perfect step in the right direction towards this aspiration!

I’m looking forward to seeing who and what will inspire me on campus. So get ready trendy Tommies, I’m coming for you!