STYLE GURU BIO: Christina McGuire

Hello clothes enthusiasts, fashion lovers and fabulous readers! I am Christina McGuire and I am a sophomore business major at Saint Mary’s College of Notre Dame. I am part of the class of 2018 and am very excited to see what the next two years bring for me. I cannot wait to continue my career as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru intern for this summer. I just got back from studying in Rome, Italy and traveling around Europe for three months. In this experience I learned so much about fashion and style and hope to share what I learned with you.

When I was younger, I was a model through Ford and Stewart modeling agencies in Chicago. Very frequently, I modeled for Claire’s Boutique and I soon fell in love with the fashion industry. There was a certain rush that I felt being on set at a modeling shoot and seeing all of the behind-the-scene actions that went into making the it a success. As I grew up, I quickly went from the idea of wanting to be a fashion designer to realizing I would rather pursue a career on the business side of the fashion world. This is why I am studying business and advertising. I am doing this in the hopes of creating a wonderful career I will love, preferably one in the fashion industry.

While my love for fashion was sparked by being on modeling shoots, I took this inspiration and brought it home with me. I always wanted to be well dressed no matter what the occasion. I was that little girl on the basketball court matching head to toe. Although I always had matching outfits, that didn’t necessarily mean I was going out of my comfort zone. I did not break through this zone until halfway through high school, when I realized people like you for who you really are. This meant to me that you might as well explore your style and look fabulous doing it. I started to make bolder fashion choices and explored looks from boho-chic to more preppy styles to see what worked for me. I am obsessed with street style in places like Chicago, Georgetown, Dublin, Paris and so many more.

I am the kind of girl who can go into anywhere from Target to Home Depot to Anthropologie and always find something I need to have. Admittedly a shopaholic, I have created two rules for myself. Number one: I never buy an article of clothing or an accessory unless it is “to die for.” Number two: I never buy anything without trying them on first (and of course I take the tags right off when I put them in my closet.) Recently, I have had a major obsession with lipstick and scrunchies that I don’t believe will stop anytime soon. I am so excited to take this journey with you as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru and to learn even more from the fashionable people all around me!