STYLE GURU BIO: Christina Lista

STYLE GURU BIO: Christina Lista

Ciao, my CollegeFashionista loves! I am so thrilled to be writing my third and final Style Guru Bio during my last semester at Temple University. My style has changed immensely since my first time writing as a Style Guru while studying abroad in Rome, during the fall of 2013. Although the details of my personal style evolution are a little blurry, I can give you a few tips I’ve adopted into my fashion philosophy over my years in college:

1. Change isn’t just good, change is great. Although I tend to wear a dark-colored ensemble on the daily, there are times when I just want to flounce around in a dainty tulle skirt—and that is A-OK in my book. I am an extremely indecisive person; my mind changes with every minute of every day, and I love that my wardrobe reflects that.

2. Getting dressed and ready should never be boring. Oh, the morning struggle… picking out an outfit in just enough time to make it to class. Even if I wear the same black sweater, leggings and over-the-knee socks (which I do), there’s a certain thrill and satisfaction in finding the perfect outfit for the day.

3. Lipstick is life changing. If you haven’t figured this out yourself, I dare you to swipe on a bold shade of lipstick and see where the day takes you. Lipstick is a game changer for me. Majority of the time, I tailor my outfit around the lipstick color I want to rock because I love it that much.

4. No risk, no reward. Fashion is fun. It may have taken me two years to finally gain the courage to rock a beanie, but now l cannot wait to expand my personal collection and plan some grungy outfits to match them. Odds are, even if one measly person thinks you look absolutely ridiculous, someone out there thinks you look absolutely fabulous.

5. Lastly, inspiration is everywhere. Personally, I’ve gained so much of my style inspiration from living in Europe. Italian fashion is the essence of being bold and edgy, and always put together. I’ve also gained so much inspiration from my roommates, Amber and Lauren, who are never afraid to take fashion risks and encourage me to step out of my style comfort zone.

Grazie mille, CollegeFashionista, for giving me the opportunity to truly express myself, develop my personal style, and write about one of my passions. I hope all of you enjoy reading my posts every Thursday during the upcoming spring semester!

Always remember: only you can be the one to take your style to the next level. Embrace it and own it.