STYLE GURU BIO: Christina Lee

Hey, my name is Christina Lee, and I recently completed my third year of undergraduate studies at Boston College and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be back at home. Summer in NYC is a fashion lover’s dream world. The most stylish people live in the city, and I am thrilled to be able to wander through my city again and become inspired by beautiful, chic individuals! You see, though I am currently studying education and communication, fashion has always been my passion.

In early September of last year, I flew to Copenhagen, Denmark, where I spent five amazing months studying with students from all over the world, learning about the Danish culture, and taking pictures of modish people on the streets of Europe. Looking back on those pictures, I realize how much of a positive factor fashion has been in my life. One particular moment comes to mind. During my first week of classes at the University of Copenhagen, a friendly Dane complimented my trench coat and ring. Her compliment made me feel happy and drove me to want to get to know her more! Fast-forward five months and that Dane, better known as Anne, has actually become one of my closest friends (She is visiting me in less than a month and the first thing we plan on doing is going shopping in SoHo)! Fashion brought new and wonderful people, like Anne, into my life and also taught me how to be confident and express myself through the clothes I wear. It’s always only been something that brings me joy, which is why this internship means so much to me.

However, there are things I love to do aside from all things fashion! Discovering hip cafes, engaging in wholesome conversations and finding bargains at thrift shops (such as the mom jeans I am wearing in my outfit) are some of my other interests. I also enjoy staying in to watch a good movie with a couple friends and drinking a solid glass of red wine—though, I’d probably think twice about having a glass if I’m wearing white!

I hope you’ve gotten more of a sense of who I am from reading this and I sincerely hope that you’ll continue to keep track of my articles that are to come! I promise to do my best to write entertaining and informative pieces, so stick around! Have a blessed day, friends!