STYLE GURU BIO: Christa Rodriguez

Hi, my name is Christa. I’m a master’s student at the American University of Paris studying global communications and I have a love for fashion, so what better place to study than in Paris? I was born in New York City and raised in Miami. I come from an amazingly loving and sometimes rowdy Spanish family. My style absolutely reflects my ethnic and cultural background. My mother always told me to overdress for an special occasion, so my number one rule since the day she spoke those words to me is to never feel insecure about my outfit choice, only confident and marvelous. I also admire other cultural styles, which help bring my unique outfits to life. Recently, I traveled to India and seeing all the beautiful vibrant colors inspired me to add a bit of detail and slash of color into my style. My favorite item I brought back from there were these beautiful silk scarves. I wear them as head wraps, chokers and bracelets; so much inspiration in a such a small item.

Living in Miami for 15 years has generated a knowledge of style for extravagant nightlife as well as for a relaxed chic day. My style changes within seasons, but overall I have a very laid back cozy style; something you can lounge in during the day and also spice up for an evening out. Easy and effortless is my go-to outfit.

I enjoy long walks to the fridge and relaxing on the beach. You can say I’m a sucker for la gastronomie Française and a real juicy American burger.

Food, travel and culture is what makes the most out of my outfit!