STYLE GURU BIO: Chloe Williams

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! I am Chloe and I am an avid laugher, texter, and Instagramer. I live by the beach and enjoy laying out on a towel with some music and friends. My favorite places to go in the summer are parks and the various small unused beaches all around my town.

During the school year I live in Manhattan and attend Marymount Manhattan College, where I study English and World Literatures. I love New York, but my heart lies in Chelsea and Greenwich Village because I think they are the best places on this wonderful island. After I graduate I hope to be very well read and to be able to speak French plenty more than I do now. I hope my future career involves writing in any sense because I enjoy every kind of it.

I have an identical twin whom I am inseparable from. I love to play field hockey and run a couple miles downtown and back. I have a blind love for fashion blogging and wish to make a career out of it some day. When I am not doing these things I am painting, watching movies or lounging around. I can be a morning person and a night owl it just depends on the season. I cannot live without extra large knit wear and my seven year pen.

This summer I hope I can expand my wardrobe with cute little accessories and I want to deck out my jean jacket with patches and pins. I hope to grace my readers with stylish photos, lovely words and a different view on the wardrobe they may already have.