STYLE GURU BIO: Cheyenne Harris

I grew up in the small town of Walkerton, Indiana, a place that no one seems to know anything about.  Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been heavily involved in fashion.  As a child, my mom would often catch me in the living room practicing to walk in her high-heels.  As I grew, so did my interest in fashion.  After learning to read, I couldn’t keep my hands off a Teen Vogue magazine.  I would eagerly read each issue from cover to cover. 

Middle school is the time when students start to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives.  A time when most of us were asked what we were good at and took career placement tests. I always knew that I could write well and I was the nerd who usually had a pen and notebook in my hand, writing down stories but never finishing them.  I would have imagined myself as the author of a bestselling novel, but my classmates would often point out how they felt I should have my own talk show or start a YouTube channel.  It wasn’t until middle school that I discovered that I wanted to major in communications. I got this idea that I would become the next Steve Harvey…You know, the female version. I was going to be a famous TV personality, something cool — much cooler than being a writer.

My senior year of high school was the first year my school offered a student-led broadcast. It was then that I realized I am super monotone and that the camera life wasn’t for me. I rediscovered my love for writing. Once I knew that my career path needed to be on paper and not on camera, I decided to immerse myself into the idea of being an editor-in-chief at a big time magazine like Cosmopolitan.

Presently, I am a 20-year-old sophomore at Indiana State University and I major in communications with a concentration in journalism. My minor is in textiles, apparel and merchandise. On campus, I am a member of: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Society of Professional Journalists and Love Your Melon. I am also a contributor for an up-and-coming magazine called Haute Life, which is a magazine for the local women of Terre Haute. There will also be a downloadable version on the Haute Life app. In my down time I drink coffee, do yoga, craft, read blogs, magazines and books.

I choose this look because it keeps me cool while showing just the right amount of skin. Crop tops are in right now and one of the best ways to wear them is with a nice pair of high-waisted shorts. I love the cut of this top because it has a high neckline and doesn’t show any cleavage. The gladiator sandals and jewelry really add some edge to this casual look. This outfit is perfect for beating the summer heat.