STYLE GURU BIO: Chelsea Young

Hello fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Chelsea Young and welcome! Although I am back at home in Texas for the summer, I attend Pace University in New York City where I am a upcoming sophomore majoring in communication and minoring in fashion marketing. I’ve been obsessed with fashion and everything about it for as long as I can remember, and I’m so excited to start my journey into the industry.

For me, fashion has always been much more than what’s trendy or in style at the moment. It’s about taking pieces of clothing and creating a look that you want to showcase to the world. This is why I have an appreciation for styles and outfits that are different than mine. Not only are they awesome outfits, but it’s how one expresses who they are to the world through what they are wearing. This summer, I plan on blogging about people with all different types of style, so I can show how big the world of fashion really is.

Although I try to buy a wide range of clothing so my closet has lots of variety, there are a few things that I always find myself not being able to walk away from. For example, I love pants that are not jeans. It’s easy to pair a shirt with jeans, but styling pants that are a particular color or pattern becomes a fun challenge. Another item would have to be boots. Any and all types of boots are my favorite. Lastly, my all-time favorite kicks are Converse. I have about nine pairs of Converse and I still want more! They are the definition of timeless wear.

I don’t think I dress a particular way all the time to pinpoint my exact style but I can say that it has constantly changed, as I’ve gotten older and matured. Especially after moving to New York City for college. I like to draw inspiration from the people around me and the city has proved to be a great place to do that. I’m excited to see where my style goes as I go through college and let the city influence me.