STYLE GURU BIO: Charlene Zhang

Hey, all you Fashionistas/os out there! My name is Charlene Zhang, and I am a second year McGill University student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Management. As a Chinese-born Vancouverite, I have fallen in love with the beautiful city of Montreal ever since I moved here a year and half ago: its breathtaking architecture that is infused with a rich historical scent, the crazy nightlife infinitely pumped with energy, and of course, the Montrealers who seem to just breath chic.

I am super excited to be writing for CollegeFashionista this coming semester. This is a position I have been interested in ever since being approached by a Style Guru last year about my outfit. She really opened my eyes to this creative outlet that combines several of my passions perfectly: writing, photography and fashion.

People watching is one of my favorite things to do. When I spot a fashion diva on campus (which is pretty often here at McGill), rocking her/his style despite the -25°C weather, I can’t help but take mental notes and stare (sometimes a little too obviously). Therefore, I’m so grateful for this opportunity to people watch all I want with a legitimate reason and to capture these stylish moments with my camera and words.

My personal style is very eclectic. I can go from fancy and elegant one day to street and hip-hop the next, all depending on my mood. I get my fashion inspirations mainly from style bloggers, some of whom I look up to very much and follow religiously. Jenn Im from Clothes Encounters, Margaret Zhang from Shine By Three and Aimee Song from Song of Style all wow me with each and every one of their outfits. Lately, some of the fall/winter staples that I haven’t been able to live without are warm and hipster toques, chunky combat boots and boxy winter coats.

Outside of fashion, I am a fervent lover of all types of music. Classical, hip-hop, pop and jazz—you name it! As of late, I’ve been putting on “Don’t” by Ed Sheeran every chance I get. Anyone out there who shares the obsession?!

I’m looking forward to writing for you every Tuesday about one Fashionista on campus. Feel free to follow me on social media and check back for my latest posts. Thanks in advance for all your support, and I hope to bring you something RAD with my internship!