STYLE GURU BIO: Chantel Ropp

May 27th, 2015 at 2:10am

How’s it goin’? I’m Chantel Ropp, “Chanti” as my friends like to say, and I’m a 20-year-old world traveler who adores classic, girly styles with an edgy twist. I dance, I read, I drink coffee (probably too much for my own good) and I love putting outfits together! As an incoming junior at Loyola University Chicago, I’m double majoring in both Finance and Marketing with a minor in International Business. Oh, and I’m also a collegiate athlete as a member of the Loyola dance team, treasurer of my sorority, marketing intern for a boutique in Evanston and my marketing professor’s teaching assistant. I guess you could say I’m busy, but that doesn’t mean my sense of fashion is compromised. Whether it’s rushing to dance practice, presenting the budget at chapter or hurrying to class, I’m always looking for ways to dress in classic, yet comfortable, pieces for any occasion.

Living in a big city like Chicago has only grown my sense of style over the past two years. Since attending Loyola, I’ve become more in tune with what fits my body type and style. There are a few staple pieces that you’ll always see me using. In this outfit, I’m wearing a lacy, transparent crop top and floral harem pants that cinch at the ankle. Summer is when my obsession with crop tops takes full swing, and I love taking advantage of the warm weather to showcase my growing collection of them! I also consistently wear a couple of striking pieces that act as the main attraction to the ensemble. Chunky statement necklaces always add a pop of excitement to any outfit and are my go-to in terms of jewelry. Here, I’m wearing a simple gold statement necklace as my main accessory.

And to my Fashionistas and Fashionistos—please don’t forget about your feet! Choosing the right pair of shoes can completely transform an outfit. I love a good ol’ pair of classic white Keds, as seen in my outfit here. Keds is one of my favorite shoe brands, and you can always find me rockin’ a pair with a variety of different outfits and styles.

As a new summer intern, I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks as I continue to write columns about my style advice for the week, a spotlight article on a specific Style Guru, ALL IN THE DETAILS posts, beauty product recommendations and what to wear for different events and scenarios! I am constantly inspired by all that is around me and hope to inspire you this summer, as well as Loyola’s new Style Guru. Stay fierce, stay fashionable and remember to always be confident in yourself.