STYLE GURU BIO: Cecilia Ortega

STYLE GURU BIO: Cecilia Ortega

Hello to all the fashion lovers out there that are reading this. My name is Cecilia Ortega and I am currently a third year student at California State University, Northridge in the very sunny San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, CA. I am studying English and psychology. Writing is my favorite thing in the world, along with fashion, music and at least two venti iced coffees with coconut milk and hazelnut a day. I am extremely honored to be a part of this amazing community filled with Fashionistas/os!

Growing up in LA has definitely had a major impact on my style. Being surrounded by some of the best dressed people (celebrities, duh!) always made me want to achieve my own unique style that would make people’s heads turn. My mother went to high school in the ’80’s and was extremely well-dressed, which also played a major influence on my style. I also wear a lot of band tees based off of bands I grew up listening to. You’ll probably catch me in my Guns N’ Roses tee at least once a week. And growing up the the ’90’s? Well, that just meant the Spice Girls and their tight dresses, crop tops and platform shoes made their way into my closet, especially now in 2016. Oh, and how could I forget chokers?! They’re my favorite fashion accessory of the ’90s and right now, I absolutely CANNOT live without them. You will never catch one of my outfits without them. I currently own 25 of all different sizes, materials and colors. Yes- I counted!

Fashion itself has been a very important outlet of my own individuality and creativity. I find ways to express the person I am through my clothing. I feel that the way someone dresses really gives off the type of vibe and energy they have as a person. Just as everyone has a different personality, I believe everyone has their own personal style, which makes it all the more interesting and fun!

For this style post, I decided to put together an outfit with a top (you can check out a very similar one here) that I’ve been dying to wear. It was so much fun to pair it with my accessories and my favorite jeans! I am absolutely obsessed with this outfit now and felt amazing while wearing it. I felt it showed a more sophisticated, yet still very “me,” side of my style.

I cannot wait to see what this semester is going to bring me, being part of the CF team!