STYLE GURU BIO: Catherine Snyder

May 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi there guys and gals! My name is Catherine Snyder and I am pumped for my first internship with CollegeFashionista! I’ll be entering my freshman year at the University of South Carolina in the fall as a major in Exercise Science. I have a lot of changes coming in my life this semester, and I’m thrilled one of those changes is this opportunity with CollegeFashionista.

With two older sisters, I grew up in a household of women (plus my dad), so I was bound to fall in love with fashion at some point. I recall in junior high, I would switch from one trend to another, and I’ve slowly found my own personal style throughout high school. Some of my favorite items in my closet are my white Vans, all my shorts and my denim jacket.

I originate from a small suburb in Southern California (which is where I’ll be staying over the summer). Growing up in a less “urban” area, I gained inspiration for fashion, hair and makeup through various outlets like YouTube, Instagram and articles on Refinery 29. Eclectic Los Angeles and “beach babe” vibes are different outlets I like to gain motivation from when styling a rad outfit for the day—something breezy, youthful and carefree. I will usually brainstorm new outfits as I scroll through my Pinterest feed, while also laughing literally out loud at some of the hilarious GIFs I pass by.

My goal this semester is to bring a fresh outlook on summer fashion—that the rules of fashion do not have to be seasonal, that there are different styles out in the great big world that can inspire you, that how people dress is an extension of their mood and that “dressing is a way of life” (Yves Saint Laurent). I look forward to sharing my articles with you each Friday!