STYLE GURU BIO: Cassidy Spears

Shortly after finishing my high school career as being notorious for the one who always dresses up, I decided to take on a much larger task: making dressing down look good. Of course, entering college is much different than your high school low responsibility (and cheap) life at home, I learned the hard way that I cannot always dress up. After long nights of studying for my five classes and going to work the next morning to try and pay rent, I realized that my dirty laundry was overflowing and my time was depleting. So, I dipped into some comfy shoes, sweaters and leggings I have not worn in years, and threw my dresses in the washer!

We all have our own personal style. As for me: my go-to outfit consists of sporty leggings, bright shoes, and a cropped sweatshirt. This look shows that even on days where you have no energy to try and do your hair or look elegant, you can still win the day by showing off a cute little thrown together outfit. Like my mom always said; less is more. With very few details, it’s hard to decide what an outfit fully needs to complete the look. By accessorizing it with an acid-wash jean jacket, my Adidas outfit was a wrap!

Everyone’s style should reflect their personality. I have always been a lover of adidas because I have always been a lover of soccer! The addition of the logo in this outfit surely expresses myself. You can never go wrong by always including a little bit of your personality in each outfit rather than resembling the most recent fads.