STYLE GURU BIO: Cassidy Regan

My name is Cassidy Regan. I am a General Liberal Arts major at Middlesex County College but I will soon be transferring to a Criminal Justice major once I graduate. This will be my third semester at CollegeFashionista. I love CollegeFashionista so much because it’s a great internship that’s really given me the confidence and guidance I sometimes need in my life so of course I am excited to be back as a Style Guru intern.

This semester I’m setting a goal to hopefully do more with my internship. I’m very much smooth sailing and let my semesters at CollegeFashionista go with the flow but I’m looking for a change. I’m trying to get myself out there to stumble upon new fashion opportunities and new friends this summer. Generally, every semester helps me gain photography and writing experience. Main points I’ve learned is to proofread, not save things for last minute and catch enough quality pictures! Don’t take pictures to the side of the frame and nothing with a distracting background!

Talking about this semester reminds me of the goals I have. Since it’s the summer, I have much more time to take awesome pictures and write articles in hoping to also get some featured articles so they can be on display to other Fashionistas/os.

Looking back in the beginning of my CollegeFashionista internship, I realized that I was very simple in my style. I am still a bit simple but I’m trying to add spice to my outfits! For example, my outfit in this article is a straight throwback. I got a Saved by the Bell  feel with my button-up that I got straight from my grandma’s closet. I paired it with a navy blue tank and a black choker. Finally, I completed my outfit with jeans and a pair of Nike Air Force One high-tops. I topped my throwback look with a small Michael Kors pouch travel bag.

As I continue my internship with CollegeFashionista every year I see new faces and so much more people that join. I thought when I found CollegeFashionista, it was just something small I could do on the side but it’s grown to be tremendously so much more in the past years. I’m so excited to read articles this summer from some #RAD Style Gurus!