STYLE GURU BIO: Cassandra Andoh

Hey my fellow Fashionistas and Fashionistos! I am a returning Style Guru for this summer. I am so excited to share fashion ideas with you, in hopes that I can bring a different outlook on fashion. I am a senior at Kent State University, and I’m majoring in applied conflict management. What does that have to do with fashion you say? Someone with experience in conflict management would be a third party in helping solve conflicts with all aspects of a company. I love helping solve conflicts and hopefully will be able to take on the fashion world with it. I am a creative person. I love anything that has to do with using your hands and moving your body. You can normally catch me dancing, singing and painting.

I’ve loved fashion for as long as I can remember. My mom used to dress me up in puffy dresses. I was a Fashionista at an early age. When I was able to start picking out my own clothing, my style constantly changed and evolved with the different trends over the years. Being a young girl who always saw her mother dress up with different styles and having the perfect shoes and accessories to match, made me want to be like that when I got older. I had my eyes on lots of shoes. Heels were one thing I was excited to expand my collection of.

As I got older, the heels got higher and then I got to the point where I preferred to wear shoes like Converse instead 4-inch heels. My look is always changing and that’s what you see here. No matter how much my style changes, I love to be comfortable in what I’m wearing. I can always be caught in a dress that has some type of print on it, whether it be tribal, stripes or floral. I tend to pair a dress or a skirt with sneakers. I like to add to my casual look by adding a denim jacket. When I accessorize, I always go with earrings that pop from my outfit.

My style will forever be changing with my mood and the seasons. I hope I can bring a different sense of fashion to others. I hope that my thrifting habits can inspire others with their fashion habits.