STYLE GURU BIO: Casey McAnarney

January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Now that winter has finally fallen in North Carolina and the temperature is dropping below 40 degrees, it is time to pull out my winter attire and brave the colder weather. My style in the colder months does have some similarities to my year-round look: I still obsess over neutral colors like black, gray and white. However, I have learned to embrace the darker image that winter brings.

For instance, I have really gotten into faux leather jackets as of late, as seen in these photos. I really like the look; it is just classic and rather edgy. I tend to pair this jacket with skinny jeans, preferably these black ones from Topshop. Black in general is slimming and the continuation of black throughout the outfit looks cohesive and makes my legs look a little longer.

I have also grown infatuated with the reason trend of ankle boots. In the south, knee- length boots are still a rather large fad, however, I have personally gravitated towards ankle boots. These black ones are warm for the winter yet are still stylish. They have also kept me warm through some end of the semester concerts.

Finally, a look that I have adopted for the winter season is a darker lip. I have always been a fan of women like Taylor Momsen who wear dark lipstick regularly, but have not felt that any other time than fall or winter are appropriate for a darker lip. This lipstick from NARS is a matte that somehow is successful in not drying out my lips and holding its place even after dinner with friends.

Overall, my style is still very similar to that of what I had at the beginning of last semester- many neutral colors and sort of minimalistic; however, I take the opportunity winter brings to make my look a little edgier.