STYLE GURU BIO: Caroline McClelland

As a college student currently living in Switzerland via Pepperdine University’s international programs, I find that I face choices constantly. Deciding between an early 3:00am flight or a later one to save just a few extra dollars, or choosing to indulge in an extra piece of Cailler dark chocolate or simply waiting until a later time to have another piece–I am constantly facing choices.

Amidst the ambiguity as well as the chaos of college, one thing that I know for sure is my un-doubting love for fashion. Recognizing the intentional juxtaposition between perfection and internal brokenness, fashion not only serves to embrace this reality, but also helps us conquer what we have been made out by society to be. Simply, we are enough in and of ourselves. Fashion only serves as a means to bring out who we truly are! Embrace it!

With this, I am so excited to embark on this journey, showcasing the fashionable flairs and admirable qualities of those around me. Don’t worry, I’ll pop up occasionally too!

In these photos, I’m wearing my favorite Free People top, Zara leggings (I have gone through several pairs of these!), some AllSaints booties, and one of my favorite Balenciaga purses! It has been so warm in Nashville, TN. However, I’m heading back to Switzerland in a week, so I’ll soon be able to pull out my heavier winter pieces!