January 5th, 2016 at 2:00am

Another semester, another STYLE GURU BIO down!

Hey everyone! My name is Carly Lembo. I’m a fourth semester fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I’ve been living in New York for about 16 years now and am inspired by all aspects of the city, as well as where I’m from in Westchester. I typically like to say that my style is very laid back with an urban feel. I like black scarves, black shirts, black jeans and black boots. To say that I enjoy wearing the color black is an understatement.

New York City has inspiration at every corner. Whether it be walking along St. Marks Place (my absolute favorite area of the city!) and seeing all the tattoo and piercing shops or walking along the Upper East Side passing the Metropolitan Museum of Art, there are different styles and inspiration everywhere you go. My love for piercings and tattoos have definitely been a major factor in my personal style. I have 22 piercings and five tattoos (and counting!). Although I would never actually pierce my septum I do enjoy popping in my fake one from time to time. It’s something that just adds a bit of edge to an outfit and makes me feel a little rebellious. Throw in some black ripped jeans, my favorite fringe backpack and boots, and you have got one of my favorite daytime outfits.

Being a fashion design student, I’m constantly inspired by different designers and style icons to not only incorporate into my own wardrobe, but to create original designs myself. A few of my favorite labels are Balmain, Alexander Wang and alice + olivia. Each are quite different, yet I love each one so much. So let’s have an awesome semester Fashionistas/os! And always stay inspired!