Hello and happy summer! My name is Carly Boyle and I am a rising senior studying psychology, Spanish and business administration at Clemson University. I am thrilled to continue this #RAD internship into the summer, bringing you even more posts and photos!

For those who know me, you are aware of the fact that my obsession with Gus, my pup, still lies deeply within me. I like to believe that Gus supports the importance of fashion in my life, as he has only ever chewed a hole into one of my tops. Along with Gus, the support from so many friends, family members and fellow Style Gurus continues to encourage my fascination and exploration into the world of fashion!

I have recently taken a new approach when it comes to my personal style–trying to find the perfect balance between feminine and edgy. Blends of neutrals, crop tops that are a bit classier, flats and simple statements of jewelry have been at the top of my list.

However, it is so important to be aware that our styles are always evolving! Who cares if you adore the latest trend, but it doesn’t seem to “suit your style?” Don’t allow the fashion industry to shape you. Rather, make it your own! Buy the piece that may seem a little odd-fitting in your closet and make a statement!

I love running into Fashionistas/os who are confident and expressive of their individuality through their clothing! It happens less frequently than you may think, as many college-aged individuals have fallen victim to the Nike shorts-to-class (or really anywhere)-with-zero-intent-of-actually-going-to-the-gym bandwagon. With these summer posts, I hope to capture even more eye-catching ensembles that represent a desire for self-expression and individuality. You’ll be hearing from me soon!