STYLE GURU BIO: Carlos Estrada

Aloha to all you fashionable people of the Internet. I’m Carlos Estrada, a 24-year-old skateboarding man-baby trying to make most out of life. I’m based out of Tampa, Florida, but was born in the legendary city of Mexico. I’m currently an advertising student at the University of South Florida where I’m also pursuing a minor in art and design. My favorite thing to do is tackle new mediums of art. I strongly believe that within the right context, anything can be art; thus, this is an attempt at understanding the world of fashion.

Close friend and current Style Guru Kelsey Cadenas first shed light about this internship. I realized I had never given fashion much thought. But when I stopped to think about how big of a role it plays in everyday life, I discovered there was much more to it. Slowly but surely I began to do research and formed my own views.

I like to approach fashion through psychology. What you choose to wear says a lot about you. It’s what we use to present ourselves to the world. It can be indicative of views, aesthetics, mindsets, morals and values. I know I certainly have a distinct taste. For me, fashion has always had reputation of being frivolous. Some people scoff about the over-the-top fashion shows reserved for the avant-garde and elite. Some heckle ripped rags are regarded as trendy items. But it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

By marrying the utilitarian with the ostentatious, I find I can be practical and stylish. As you can see, I’m an aficionado of the monochromatic scheme. Living in dark, subtle and minimalist outfits lets me stand out and feel like myself. I’m not constantly brooding, but black just feels right. Here I’m wearing a Hawkings McGill pant paired with The Bricks hat; the simple geometric design in white gives a subtle pop. Seeing as how you can never go wrong with Vans, I’m wearing the surf/skate hybrid with the toecap. This slim profile pair introduces a contemporary feel without losing the classic look. Lastly, I’m wearing a plain T-shirt with a lotus flower I painted on the front using a stencil I made. I’d like to highlight this because I think fashion is an ever-changing thing; it’s not in the hands of a select few. If you want something that doesn’t exist, there’s nothing that says you can’t go and make it yourself.

I’m really looking forward to this journey, where I hope to meet people that have their own unique views on fashion and how it translates to more.