STYLE GURU BIO: Carli Holbrook

Ciao my fellow Fashionistas! For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with my blogs the last two semesters, my name is Carli Holbrook. I was born and raised in the Bluegrass State and am a senior at the University of Kentucky.

My love for style and art has led me to where I am today—with (almost) a degree in merchandising, apparel and textiles and a minor in photography. My obsession with the aesthetics of clothes combined with photography started when I first started looking through Vogue. I love the way that photographers work with models to make them look perfect but also sell garments. Their images keep my attention with every detail from the perfect lighting to the way a dress lays on the models’ bodies. I hope to take my love for these arts and use them every day in my future career.

My style changes daily depending on my mood. I am really into sporty-chic lately—or athleisure, as it is being called. Sneakers are back and they oddly enough look good with an array of outfits. When I’m not feeling sporty, I can be in a feminine mood with a great dress and good pair of heels or my favorite trend lately—the ’70s.

Seventies style has made such a huge comeback and has heavily made its way into my closet. I love the details from flare jeans to flare sleeves. The bright yellows, oranges and reds are so fun and go with a great bold lip color. Big vintage sunglasses are something that every Style Guru should own and ROCK.

So, even though it is 2016 now (how crazy is that?), we still live in different decades with our style. Play around and find the one that best suits you and come back to read more about what I am currently trying.