Hi there, Fashionistas/os. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer full of spontaneous adventure and loads of creativity to go into the fall semester with! I’m currently starting my senior year at Western Kentucky University and I am more than excited to begin my second semester as a Style Guru.

This past summer I had the incredible opportunity of moving to Los Angeles for eight weeks for an internship. I worked for a quaint fashion showroom on Melrose Place. Yes, it was a dream. The street style there was something completely new to me, being that it was my first time on the west coast and I was immensely inspired. Everything about the city was opposite of what I’m used to here in Kentucky and that made for such a refreshing experience. Needless to say, I most definitely brought some trends back to the south with me!

I really want to end my last year with a bang. I want to leave my footprint on campus and really show off my personality through my style. The best way to express myself is through, none other than, endless amounts of black. One trend I’ve loved this summer is the short sleeve T-shirt under a dress. I showcased it here with a black T-shirt under a leather shift dress. One of my favorite purchases of the summer is this little black cross-body that fits anything and everything, while still being easy to manage and matches my entire wardrobe. The white espadrilles provide that “pop of color.” Last, to tie it all together, a choker, to really bring the outfit some edge.

I can’t wait to bring you guys looks from some fellow campus beauties this semester. It’s about to be a RAD one!