STYLE GURU BIO: Cara Zimmerman

January 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

When I was 2 years old, I remember being in Louis Vuitton with my mother. I was holding her hand when she turned toward me to hand me my first bag. This miniature handbag was the start to my Fashionista ways. My mother always took the time to teach me her styling tips since I was a toddler by taking me to stores and dressing me up in baby couture outfits. I developed an eye for style and became a trendsetter of my own. Starting quite young, my fashion has developed as I have matured as a person. I have traded in my hot pink shorts for black ones with dark-colored accents in my everyday outfits.

Entering college this year at Boston University, I have discovered myself through fashion. I love the vintage tops, shorts, bags, jackets and much more my mom has given me while pairing them with new trends. Right now I love black, gray, white and dark colors. My inspiration currently comes from T by Alexander Wang, Rihanna, street style blogs such as Street Peeper and rag & bone. I have learned that what I wear can tell someone a lot about me. Other people’s outfits, whether on the streets or in the magazines, inspire my own outfit ideas as well.

I am excited to inspire others to be open to different trends and share with them the love for fashion that I have. Along the way, I hope to meet Fashionistas with style approaches I have not come across yet. I am thrilled to expand my fashion “palette” and pick up new trends! Most importantly, I hope to allow others to embrace their personal styles and feel confident as fashion has taught me to feel.