STYLE GURU BIO: Candice Maniga

May 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello everyone, I’m Candice and representing Arizona State for my first CollegeFashionista Style Guru internship. However, don’t go easy on me just because it’s my first time. There’s no fun in that!

I’m in my home state, 30 minutes away from where I grew up, but in the past year I’ve taken several big steps outside my comfort zone: I moved into my own place in a big city and declared my major in journalism.

I wanted to become a Style Guru, not to help guide the style of others, but so the style of others could guide my own. I love fashion in every form. I treat award show red carpets as special events. I follow hundreds of blogs. Ask me what my style is and that’s where I get lost. I’m indecisive, which can get hectic, but should make for an interesting summer at CollegeFashionista.

Putting together an original outfit requires risk and takes effort and bravery, and that is what I hope to accomplish this summer: original outfits with every post. Don’t expect every post to feature myself because what I’ve always envied about fashion bloggers is the ability to stop strangers on the street and ask to take a picture of their amazing outfits. Fashion is art, and not only is art inspiring, but it’s everywhere.

I’m in Arizona, but because I’m a native, the summer heat can’t keep me from wearing whatever my heart desires. I’m currently obsessed with big, floppy hats and midi rings. That’s about as detailed as my style gets. Some days, I want light layers and paisley prints, and other days I want an LBD with a statement necklace and a red-violet lip color. As far as my fashion goes, I like the little things and don’t want to break ground in a certain area without getting to try everything else.

Another beautiful thing about being in state is that it’s easy to tell, be it through short conversation or a confused look on his or her face as he or she wanders, when someone isn’t from around here. When I’m outside of Arizona borders, my style slightly shifts to adjust to the weather and whatever happens to be going on around me.

Whoever didn’t think Arizona could be a place for fashion was wrong, and I’ll be here all summer with a variety of examples to prove it.